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Making a gift fuels the innovation and momentum that sets TPIRC apart. It fuels the passion for discovery and research from lab to patient at a remarkable pace. What takes 10 to 15 years elsewhere, TPIRC can advance treatment discovery at a pace which helps our patients today as well as our patients for years to come.

Every day at the Southern California Food Allergy Institute, researchers and providers deliver groundbreaking discoveries that we translate into treatment and education for orphan diseases, such as, food allergies, cystic fibrosis, bronchiectasis, and airway inflammatory disorders, and immunodeficiency. Friends like you provide the resources we need to find new tools and treatments.

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More than 30 million Americans suffer from an orphan disease. Join your voice with theirs to drive the advocacy, research, and funding necessary to advance discovery and care for these under-treated conditions.
Whether your passion is eradicating Food Allergy, finding the cure for Cystic Fibrosis, or funding research to advance discovery for all pulmonary and immunological diseases, you can rally the support of your community to restore hope and bring freedom for the many who suffer from orphan diseases.
TPIRC is a 501(c)3 organization that relies on your generous support to advance treatment discovery at a pace which helps our patients today. Your gifts help to fund life-changing care and research for the millions who suffer from orphan diseases.

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working together to make a positive impact in those suffering from orphan diseases
The Translational Pulmonary Immunology Research Center was founded in 2015 under the leadership of Dr. Inderpal Randhawa, a leading specialist in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Immunology & Allergy, and Pulmonology.

Over this past decade and onward, Dr. Randhawa has continued his diligent work backed by a team of highly trained and skilled clinical and research professionals in constructing revolutionary, individualized treatment programs for patients ailing from food allergies and other orphan diseases.

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TPIRC can provide research studies with our in house research team, led by our own Dr. Nathan Marsteller. We are able to perform studies impossible to do anywhere else.

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Partnering with SCFAI on cause related
marketing programs and charitable sales
promotions is a great way for your company to showcase your commitment to fight orphan diseases and develop patient-focused treatments.

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Working together with SCFAI, we can promote the support that you and your group is doing to combat orphan diseases. Using our research, treatment and education, you highlight your role as supporter and partner to further your organization's awareness and advocacy goals.


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Phone: (562) 490-9900
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