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Infectious Disease Awareness Platform (IDAP)

Infectious Disease Awareness Platform (IDAP)

IDAP Keeps Our Economy Open

Infection Control will absolutely be necessary for every industry that has people in the workplace — people are the greatest asset!

In response to COVID-19, the Infectious Disease Awareness Platform known as “IDAP” was developed by a team of top physicians and researchers at TPIRC to safeguard all health care employees.

The IDAP program is designed to expand outside of a clinical setting and can be implemented into schools and universities through trackable and accountable measures to ensure the safety of the students and teachers functioning within a space.

IDAP Solution Offerings from TPIRC

Health Policy Consulting


  • Assessment and audit of your existing return to work plans
  • Recommendations on how to improve capabilities to reduce the likelihood of transmission on-site
  • Consulting on infection control and occupational hygiene as needed


  • Access to IDAP command center and IDAP testing solutions

IDAP Command Center


  • Access to the real-time dashboard monitoring system that can integrate temperature check-ins, employee personal hygiene, social distancing, and contact tracing
  • Monitoring of sanitization and cleaning schedules, as well as potential breaches of protocol


  • Access to COVID and microbial testing solutions

IDAP Testing Solutions


  • Access to rapid result testing that includes COVID-19 and 18+ other viruses and bacteria
  • Access to rapid surface and vent microbial testing to ensure that the employee health protocols that are in place are limiting the risk of transmission at facilities


  • Logistics solutions and installation of building hardware, PPE, and sanitization

How IDAP Works

IDAP Introduction with Special Guest Jim McDonnell
TPIRC Boardmember and former Los Angeles County Sheriff, Jim McDonnell, joins Dr. Randhawa to discuss the advantages and necessity of Infectious Disease Awareness Platform (IDAP) as businesses and schools begin to open post-COVID. IDAP has been actively running at TPRIC and the Southern California Food Allergy Institute since early March. The IDAP process runs in real-time as a risk assessment for COVID-19, and if a risk has been identified employees and patients will receive a notification from the platform. The following video walks through details of the IDAP process.

How it Works: IDAP Safety Zone Classification

Zone Level 1

  • Medical/High Risk Facility
  • Restricted Access
  • All Facility Airflow Management
  • Intra-day Sterilization and Decontamination
  • Restricted Access
  • Rigorous Personnel Policies

Zone Level 2

  • Controlled environments with managed access
  • K-14, Universities, Airports, and Offices
  • Selective Airflow Management
  • Daily decontamination and rigorous personnel policies

Zone Level 3

  • Uncontrolled environments with public access
  • Malls, mixed used spaces, and shared workspaces
  • Daily decontamination and sterilization

IDAP Software Dashboard

Learn more about IDAP

TPIRC’s new Infectious Disease Awareness Platform (IDAP) allows the organization to create a zero transmission risk zone for both employees and patients.

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