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Our OIT Superhero

by Pujal Patel

Aanya Photo 2Aanya was born with a milk allergy. Barely a day old in the NICU, a nurse fed her cow based formula and she started projectile vomiting.  She was JUST A NEWBORN! It took us a few days to figure out that the issue was milk, not overeating! We came home with a newborn and advice to breast feed only, no milk based formula.

At 9 months old, our pediatrician asked us to ‘try’ some yogurt.  One lick resulted in full body hives, severe GI upset and fussiness for days. After being referred to an allergist, she tested positive for milk and nut allergies (we were already avoiding nuts due to her older sister who had multiple nut anaphylaxis).  We were sent home with epi pens and advice to avoid her allergens (which were everywhere!!!).

Aanya was two years old when, at the touch of chickpea chutney, she went into anaphylaxis. She had major GI distress, hives all over her tiny body, facial swelling and was struggling to breathe. I will never forget her frantically clawing at her chest with her tiny little hands. An EpiPen saved her life!

That night I knew we couldn’t keep our kids alive just by avoiding their allergens; danger lurked around every corner no matter how hard we tried. That was the darkest night but fortunately a light came on in the form of Dr. Inderpal Randhawa. I was full of hope for the first time when I walked out of our consultation appointment. After running comprehensive tests, Dr. Randhawa put Aanya on SLIT (Sublingual Immunotherapy) which greatly helped as she also had a history of asthma attacks every 3-4 weeks. Her asthma usually ended up in nebulization, steroids and lots of urgent care and doctor visits.

We then embarked on our OIT journey with milk, followed by almonds, pine nuts, pistachio, cashew, macadamia, and pecans. We will soon be working on the remaining tree nuts, peanuts and chickpeas!!

We cannot thank Dr. Randhawa enough! We were barely surviving and now we have this new life, full of freedom, just like childhood should be!! He is our SUPERHERO!!!

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