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Translational Pulmonary & Immunology Research Center

TPIRC is a non-profit clinical care and research center that focuses on the development of cutting-edge, individualized treatment protocols for rare and orphan diseases utilizing comprehensive diagnostic tools and patient-driven research.  Our mission is two-fold – to advance treatment discovery at a pace which helps our patients today, while building a scalable model of success to accelerate the rate of research discovery for all diseases.

Restoring Hope.

The hallmark of TPIRC’s clinic is our individualized, precision medicine approach to patient care.  Our methodology continues to lead to significant advancements in treatment, offering our patients hope for meaningful improvements in their health today

Areas of Focus

TPIRC offers cutting-edge treatments and exceptional advancements in care across our five primary areas of focus.  Click on each condition to learn more about the TPIRC difference.

Advancing Discovery.

Our cutting-edge treatment methodology, which thrives on the collection and analysis of hundreds of thousands of data points, is paving the way for tomorrow’s discovery, today.

More than 7,000 conditions are considered to be rare or orphan diseases.
The millions of Americans that suffer from a rare disease, often facing little to no treatment options.
Graduates from our food allergy program that now enjoy free eating.
0 %
Success rate in our Tolerance Induction Program treating food-allergic patients.
0 %
The average lung score (FEV1) for a TPIRC pediatric Cystic Fibrosis patient compared to the national average of 75%.

Empowering Communities.

Our proven track-record of success is characterized by transparency and accountability. We offer our supporters, our patients, and their families the opportunity to partner with us to significantly better their own health while opening doors to radically improve the way medical research and care take place.

The Face of Hope.  The Promise of Tomorrow.

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